El Divino seek the return of a stolen pillow

They have warned that they will get the police involved if it is not returned

El Divino has identified the self-confessed thief through a screenshot sent to them – and they are demanding its immediate return.


Upon being asked for a comment, Stephen, one of the organisers of the night said: “We had noticed something wasn’t quite right around clear out time, there was something definitely missing of importance and we couldn’t quite work out what exactly it was.

“I personally was tossing and turning most of the night trying to put a finger on it! Until this afternoon I received some information from an informant with a screenshot of quite a well known burglar in the East Belfast area, we are shocked and appalled to be honest and we just hope the young girl is locked up for quite a considerable amount of time so that people can rest easy in their beds at night!

“Unless of course she wants to return the pillow with a packet of Rowntree fruit pastilles for Niall (another one of the managers) and I, then maybe we could forget about this whole thing!”

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Clearly they aren’t messing around.