We asked you what music you listen to when you’re studying

It was for science

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It’s the most tense period of the year, when everyone is stuck in the library, desperately Yikyakking about their library bae and trying to concentrate and ignore all outside distractions.

So we walked around the McClay library yanking out headphones of unsuspecting students to see what music helps them to focus and be productive.

What’s your revision anthem?

Ciarán Casey, 19, 1st year Chemical Engineering


The song: Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum

The reason: “I like to listen to my gym playlist when I revise as it’s a similar kind of pump you need to get through it.”

Conor Tinnelly, 20, 2nd year Psychology


The song: The Beatles – Julia.

The reason: “I got my first Beatles CD when I was revising for my GCSE’s, so I’ve always just associated my exams with the Beatles.”

Rebecca Boyle, 20, 2nd year Children’s Nursing


Channelling Sia

The song: Tez Cadey – Seve.

The reason: “It just gets me into a happy little buzz to revise”

Holly Alexander, 20, 2nd year Chemical Engineering


The Song: The Vaccines – If You Wanna

The Reason: “Because it came on next in the playlist” – great reasoning.

Eimear Maginn, 20, 2nd year Finance


The song: Disclosure – Latch

The reason: “I like hi-tempo music to kinda mellow me out and not feel like I’m studying when I actually am”

Ryan Larkin, 22, 2nd year Environmental Planning


The song: Robbie Williams – Angels

The reason: “I have a playlist that I feel is spiritual, and Angels in particular makes me feel that angels are watching me revise and helping me”

You all made some excellent song choices, and we’d like to apologise if you were disturbed from revision by rudely having your headphone yanked from your ear.

Sure you were glad of the break.