Unlucky: Translink set to strike on Friday 13th

Sorry culchies

public transport st patricks strike translink

Translink are set to strike this Friday, with no bus or train services running at all.

This will cause havoc to thousands of students across Belfast and further afield in Northern Ireland (but who cares about UUJ anyway)?

Strikes were all fun and games back when you missed a day of school. Now they’re just annoying.

Students are now stuck with the dilemma of remaining in Belfast over pre-St. Paddy’s weekend so they can begin celebrations early, or travelling home Thursday evening to nick some drink/money from their parents for the coming week.

It’s also Mother’s Day on this weekend and believe it or not some people actually like seeing their parents.

The cancellation of all services will mean some will be unable to make it home until Saturday.


On the plus side, anyone live in the city and rely on transport can legitimately miss a day of university.

Devastated Sociology third year Lauren Brown is distraught at the prospect of a day spent trapped in Dromore.

“I travel to Belfast everyday for University and because of the Translink strike this Friday I won’t be able to attend any of my classes.

“It’s such an inconvenience for me and for many other students who rely on Translink transport to get to university”


The strike is in reaction to the 20,000 jobs being axed from the public sector and comes shortly after fares have increased.