Game of Semtex: Dissidents tried to bomb the set of Game of Thrones

The cast were almost kissed by fire

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Dissident Republicans tried to bomb the Game of Thrones set but were foiled by police, it has emerged.

Game of Thrones is known for its world of deadly politics, but the extreme blood and violence could have spilled into the heart of Belfast, the PSNI revealed today.

An unnamed dissident group intended to place a bomb inside an inconspicuous wheelie bin at a catering area inside paint hall,Titanic Studios.


The Titanic Quarter – The Bravvos of Belfast

The sinister plot wouldn’t have been out of place in the pages of a book by George I.R.A. Martin.

Except it seems they would have used Semtex over Wildfire – the bomb, made of Semtex and fertiliser, was placed in a bin next to the catering unit.

A police source told Sunday Life: “The dissidents initially got word that a number of ex-RUC and army personnel worked at the studios.

“They were even told the exact job in which most of them were employed and the catering unit where they took their lunch and tea at the same time every day.”


Jon’s in Snow danger now

The targets of the bomb plot were ex-police officers and soldiers working on the set of the show.

The plan, to attack them while eating lunch, harks back to the chilling scene where Crastor was ambushed by Night’s Watch mutineers.

The terrorists were tipped off that a number of ex-security force personnel had been working on the set of the hit TV show.

It is understood the bomb plot was disrupted several months ago but kept secret.

On discovery of the dangerous plot security was increased in the area, leading to the group’s abandonment of the attack and saving security personnel and actors from off screen deaths.

Whether this means Tyrion will survive another series, however, remains to be seen.

The stars are often seen around Belfast

The stars are often seen around Belfast

The bomb plot has been widely criticised.

Queen’s second year and passionate Game of Thrones lover Carol Bowman said: “I suppose the dissidents had to try to destroy a kingdom that doesn’t exist. Really, they are about as wanted here as Ebola is wanted in Western Africa.”