South Belfast Residents Protest against QUB building plans

30+ local residents from Sans Souci Park, South Belfast have held a protest against plans by Queen’s University to further extend student accommodation in the area.


On Saturday morning, around 30 Sans Souci Park residents turned out to demonstrate against Queen’s University Belfast’s proposed accommodation building plans within the area.

Sans Souci resident protesters outside proposed accommodation plot

Householders were concerned that the picturesque area would be overtaken by student housing in a similar way to the Holyland area near the university, and that in the process the area would lose its character.

Over 2,000 students live, work, and party on one side of Sans Souci, in Queen’s Elms student village. Queen’s has now proposed to build further accommodation for 146 international students on the opposite side of Sans Souci Park.

It’s understood that QUB planned to demolish a derelict mansion in the area to make room for the extra international student accommodation.

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