Stabbing outside student houses on Eglantine Avenue

Man in his thirties knifed late last night

Police sealed off Eglantine Avenue last night after reports that a man in his 30s was stabbed at around 8.50pm.

Treated by an ambulance crew at the scene, his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.


Natalie McFall, a QUB English student and Eglantine Avenue resident, said: “I came back from the library to see police tape blocking off my street. I asked the police woman what had happened and she told me someone was stabbed.

“There were men in white suits looking for a knife, it was all a bit surreal. I ended up staying over in a friends when it became apparent I wasn’t getting back into my house that night. I honestly thought Eglantine was a nice place to live but some of this year’s residents seem to be the wrong sort of people.”