Bath retains top 200 university world ranking

We were ranked the 159th best university worldwide

Bath SU is the sixth best in the UK

70 per cent of us were satisfied with it

Bath has the fourth most satisfied students in the UK

According to the 2016 National Student Survey

Bath the tenth best university in the UK

We beat Exeter

Things only a sports team fresher would know

Started from the bottom and still here

Bath has beaten Exeter, King’s and Leeds in the 2016 uni rankings

We’re in the top 15 universities in the country

Bath rugby star admits assaulting student

He knocked him out with a single punch

Bath beats Cambridge and Oxford in latest uni rankings

We’re the 19th best university in the UK

Four Bath students flying to Dubai for business competition final

The School of Management is just showing off now

Uni students take on Ben and Jerry with their new ice cream business

They stumbled upon the idea while drunk in Thailand

Bath’s Snowsports club make bid to win Spotify playlist competition

Bath Snowsports are third and climbing

Bath student flat is so damp mushrooms are growing up the walls

They’re not magic

Yay for MyBae: There’s a dating app just for Bath students

Oh appy days

Snow, saunas and safe fun: The ski trip awards 2K16 edition

Shock: we went to the Alps

New library rules mean you will no longer be fined for overdue books

Unless someone else reserves them, that is

Last meals, best memories and the season so far: Meet the first team netball girls

They reckon they’re pretty tough

Is Adriana Blanc the best dressed fresher on campus?


Bath is getting too edgy- can all the hipsters just go back to Bristol?

Take your topknots with you

The Tab Bath is looking for new section editors

We’re really fun tbf