A survival guide for freshers living with flatmates for the first time

You’ll all hate each other eventually

Whether it's Freshers' Week, final year or still living in a crowded house way past paying back your student loan, most of us have to live with flatmates at some point in our lives. This can be full of laughter and late night DMCs, but there comes a time where you look at them and think "would it really be so bad to live in a shed alone?"

If that hasn’t happened yet, just wait. It’s on its way, maybe when someone's trying to make it as an amateur DJ at 9am, blaring music over the breakfast table, or when they put your fluffy new slipper in the freezer. And when it does, because it definitely will, here is your go-to guide to handling your annoying housemates.

Call them out

Calling them out for their irritating behaviour is the number one way to go. It’s time to use every sassy line you’ve been storing from those imaginary arguments in the shower. One hand on the hip, the other pointing in swift motions.

Hide – like a very mature version of hide and hopefully no seek

This is for when even the sassiest people have run out of sassy comebacks and the only way to get through it is to just not see them. Hiding comes in different levels, you’ll become a master at choosing which level it’s at before the end of semester one.

For slight annoyance, hide in your room for as long as humanely possible. Finding a long Netflix show is the key to this.

The next stage is to find a good coffee shop to drown your sorrows in caffeine and red velvet cake. You’ve got to find a shop that no one would know you’re in without wearing a Mission Impossible style outfit. For Bath students out there, the safe haven is 4West or Pret.

If the annoyance gets any worse, perhaps hiding for a night in a Premier Inn isn’t that bad of an idea.

Go home

Technically this is the final level of hiding, but you won’t get judged as much for it. Obviously if you’re 12 hours, or a transatlantic flight away, this can be a slight issue. But the price of a train ticket is really worth keeping your sanity. You can’t beat a bit of home cooking, and a trip to your local Spoons will get you feeling normal enough again to cope with your flatmate's crap.

Join a society/club

Be realistic with this one, don’t join the vegetarian society as an avid Nando’s lover just to escape any annoying flatmates. But not only will it give you an opportunity to leave the flat every so often but you might actually find people that you really get on with.

Do some exercise

Whether it’s going for a run or even doing a bit of Zumba, getting out of the flat and sweating it will cut your annoyance by half (not scientifically proven).

Embrace people’s annoying habits

It’s highly likely that if they’re pissing you off with the things they do, you’re probably doing the same to them. Living with other people is about accepting their weirdness and getting on with it because whether you realise it or not, you’re strange as well.

Once you get over the fact that they’re going to annoy you once in a while and embrace their quirks, it’ll just make your time much more entertaining with your ‘annoying flatmates’ not being so annoying by the end.

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