Meet the Bath fresher with over 85,000 Instagram followers on her fitness account

She also has 10,000 YouTube subscribers

Lauren Tickner, or as she is better known ‘LaurenFitness’, is in her first year at Bath studying Business Administration.

Over the last two years, Lauren’s social media following has grown to over 85,000 Instagram followers and over 10,000 YouTube subscribers. The Tab caught up with the BBA student to understand how she manages to combine her studies with her social media profile.

The page started because Lauren wanted to meet “like minded people”. She said: “I started the page two years ago in an attempt to meet other like minded people. I also think people like the fact that it is just me, I’m a normal university student just like so many others!”

Aware of the “nonsense out there” surrounding social media platforms with a fitness focus, Lauren made clear her gram’s main aim is “to help people achieve their fitness goal in a healthy and educated manner. I used to be overweight and lost weight in an unhealthy way, this made me want to educate people.”

The motivation to launch the ‘#StrengthFeed Training Guide’ and ‘The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros’ came about as a result of unrealistic images on social media. “There is an extremely unhealthy trap of perfect Instagram bodies, especially for girls and it’s very easy to be sucked into that trap”, Lauren added. 

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Lauren’s journey to becoming a social media fitness figure isn’t the usual.

Lauren’s journey to becoming a social media fitness figure isn’t the usual. This time last year Lauren managed to achieve a job at a leading FTSE 250 investment management firm, through the Investment 2020 scheme. “I went straight in after my A-levels and realised after eight months that it wasn’t for me”, said Lauren.

The motivation for her account came as she spent the majority of her free time reading and researching the best practices in fitness, health and nutrition. While she fully admits she isn’t a scientist, Lauren is a qualified personal trainer and is using her page to help people achieve their fitness goals. She added: “People often relate a large following to a large knowledge base but this isn’t the case. I love feedback from my followers and relish the opportunity to answer questions about my methods and ways.”

Lauren created the ‘#Strenghtfeed’  which now has over 40,000 posts with the hashtag, creating a community where people want to get stronger physically and mentally.

Explaining that her account stretches further than Instagram, Lauren said: “I find it far easier to get a message across through a vlog on YouTube than on Instagram. Instagram stories are great, I use it for ‘Tickner’s tips’ where I answer a question everyday that a follower has sent in.”

All her posts feature long captions in order to inspire people and to help them change their mindset towards fitness. 

The training guide is structured around Tickner’s tips and was written in collaboration with Shredded By Science, a company who educate personal trainers.

Nearing the end of her first year as a BBA student, Lauren says university has taught her a lot. The account is not only “a full time job” but something Lauren loves doing in her spare time.

When asked if she considers this a career path for after university, Lauren is certain fitness will always be a huge part of her life. She added: “Hopefully with many more training and nutrition guides to come, my followers learn to train the right way”. 

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