ForeverNews is back at Bridge with a US Election special

‘We’ve already gone waaaaay too far, let’s just get Trump in and all just get loose together?’

Famed as this paper’s BNOC of the year for 2014/2015, Ben Ward returns as host for a ForeverNews US Election special. That serious facial expression and ability to interview even the drunkest of students made him a hit, will his return be as successful?

2016 has seen an Olympic games, Brexit, the Paris Climate Change agreement, Kim Kardashian’s robbery but few topics have captured the attention like the US Presidential Election. Controversial would be an understatement, from Trump to Clinton, the world is divided in their opinions of who should lead America. Who better therefore to ask than students on a night out:

Based on the success of this US Election special, rumours are circulating of a return at Christmas or next term. “This is the program that asks students what you want to know”, so tell us what topics you would like to see Mr ForeverNews and his drunken cast discuss next?

Video credit: Soul Media

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