Bridge is the best night out in Bath

It’s even better if you’re on Forever News

Better known for its Roman Baths and quiet side streets, Bath does however have a great nightclub. A club so good, it shut down any attempt by XL to rival its Monday or Friday. A club we all love to complain about yet flock back there every week. Other nights in Bath just simply aren’t the same and here is why.

You are guaranteed to know everyone there

Bath being as small as it is, means even on a Pure Bridge Saturday you’re more than likely to run into someone you know.


R&B Vault:

Known to have seen many whips and nae nae.

Interviews of drunken students

We’ve all seen the videos, presented by none other than Mr Forever News, students are asked their opinions on news worthy matters. The answers have been everything from drunken dribble to down right anger and heated political views.

Who carried the mic better?

Who carried the mic better?

The obligatory drunken photo

When asked for a quote, James Whitlock simply couldn’t put into words the task of taking pictures of drunken students. After all, if there’s no social media evidence were you even out at all?

The after party at one of Bath’s fast food restaurants: 

Without fail, drunken students crave fast food at stupid hours of the morning. From McDonalds to Piri Piri Sizzler, the Bath night out is not complete without waking up next to a styrofoam box and fast food regret.

The DJ’s

From the Earl to the RnB vault to the main dance floor, music in Bridge is never monotonous chart music. From reggaeton to the Champions League theme tune, the DJ’s in Bridge never fail to entertain.


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