How to nail being a Bath fresher

Don’t get too hyped about freshers’ week

Welcome to Bath, fresher. Firstly, congrats on securing a place at our too-good-for-Russell-Group uni (or so the story goes), which boasts a campus suitable for athletes and the brightest engineers alike. Yep, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time here, as you probably know from having our student satisfaction rating rammed down your throat at open days (two years running, we’re pretty proud of that one). But in all seriousness, you’ve chosen well, so get ready for some of the best years to come. In the meantime, here’s a few tips that might help along the way.

Firstly, bring the essentials

You probably don’t need half the stuff you’re planning on taking. That includes the Moroccan teapot you thought would add a bit of culture to your room (hint: it doesn’t, it just takes up potential space for a vodka bottle), or the seven pairs of heels which you’ll never need (because unless you want to be the tallest person in the club, its just not worth it).

Don’t get too hyped up about freshers’ week

The socialising is great. The return of The Chip Shop Boys as Tuesday night’s main act, not so good. Don’t get me wrong. You can expect the ridiculous stories, the constant boozing and newly single guys and gals hooking up left, right and centre, but when it comes to the big names in music, it seems Founders Hall just isn’t ready.


Yep, there will almost certainly be a Toga night

Become friends with someone from Quads

It is totally acceptable to crash a pres in fresher’s week, even if you’re from completely different accommodation. That’s the beauty of a campus full of strangers – everyone is keen to make friends. And even better, if you walk into a Quads lounge and become buddies with the first person you see, you’ll have your venue for pres pretty much sorted for the rest of the year. You’re welcome.

P.S if you are in Quads, or any slightly more expensive accommodation, expect people to comment on the cost of it/think you’re posh/ask if you therefore must be loaded

When the bedrooms have mood lighting, maybe you'll be more than friends

When the bedrooms have mood lighting, maybe you’ll be more than friends

Make the most of being on campus

When you’re hungover af you’ll appreciate the short walk to lectures. Or just generally avoiding breaking the boundaries of personal space, as experienced on the morning U1 bus.

BUT, good luck avoiding people

One night stand, best friend’s ex, whatever the reason you don’t want to see them, the chances are you will bump into them on campus. Just when you’d forgotten they existed, you see them at the kebab van once you’ve just shoved a fat-off handful of cheesy chips in your mouth. Meanwhile fit library guy, why are you nowhere to be seen?

You probably won’t go to Bristol much

Despite fortnightly plans to visit the edgiest scene in the South West, when it comes down to it, the comfort of MNB or a 2 minute walk to the SU will seem more appealing, trust.

Don’t dismiss Saturday SU nights

Yeah I know, Klass doesn’t seem the best option for a night out but you will grow to love it. In the first month you’ll probably comment on the shit music and convince yourself you’re too good for it. But let’s face it, you can drown your sorrows with the cheapest drinks in Bath, AND may I remind you, you live on campus. No bus back, no long walk home, just a skip across campus to your bed. Winning.

What a 'klass' night out (see what I did there?)

What a ‘klass’ night out (see what I did there?)

On Wednesdays, we wear… fancy dress

If you’re looking for a more mental SU night, head to Score on Wednesdays. Even if you don’t play sport (which btw, you’re totally missing out on), you’ll be surrounded by ridiculously drunk people wearing the weirdest of outfits and drinking one of the greatest beverages of all, VKs. And people who do sport tend to be quite fit, just saying.

Expect to see a lot of people dressed like this

Expect to see a lot of people dressed like this

Lime Tree pizza, STV frozen yoghurt and Parade breakfast

These are the only bits of campus food you need to eat. And if you have catering credit you basically feel like you’re getting these bad boys for free.

The campus supermarket isn’t cheap


If you do Sports Performance, get ready to receive shit

Sorry, but you’re here for like 3 days a week whilst there are people here with some of the highest A-Level grades in the country.

And if you’re not an engineer, you will be outnumbered

But that’s ok, because your smaller lectures and numerous seminars mean your professors will know who you are. Not ideal when you think your teacher won’t notice you slipping out of a lecture half way through (she totally did btw, and later asked your mate where you went). But you do get a lot of personal feedback and probably more of your money’s worth than the bigger courses. 1-0.

Enjoy the city

Whilst you’ll be on campus most of the time, when you’re taking a break from your course (which counts for nada this year remember?), go into the city and see a few things. Because as you already know its not too shabby. And whilst you’re there pop into Oldfield Park, the student area because I can guarantee you’ll be looking at second year houses within 2 months. Make your friends fast.

Celebrating a successful house search BY CHRISTMAS

Celebrating a successful house search BY CHRISTMAS

So there we have it fresh, make the most of your year in Bath. And remember, you can afford to make some mistakes. #NoRagrets

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