There’s no denying it, Bath is the most beautiful place to live

Bath Spa we go hard

Nestled into the Somerset countryside, the city of Bath is a world heritage site, famous for being the home of Jane Austen and its beautiful Roman Baths. But today, behind those beige coloured walls, stands a modern city that boasts a culture than even keeps two sets of university students happy. No wonder everyone wants to live here.

Firstly, there’s more to it than the Baths

Everyone who’s grown up nearby remembers Bath by the good old primary school trip to the hot springs. So when you mention you go to university there, most people nod their heads and recall on how disgusting they found tasting the water from aquae sulis (fair, it’s kinda grim). Ok, I may have popped my head in (free entry for Bath and Spa students, why would you not?), but there’s a lot more to see in this historic city.

But they do come in handy for the odd ball or two

But they do come in handy for the odd ball or two

Orlando Bloom is a fan

According to the actor, Bath is the home to the most beautiful women, who apparently have “the entire package”. If that doesn’t convince you it’s the place to be, I don’t know what will.

It’s impossible to go anywhere without bumping into someone you know

Whether it’s your best friend’s mum, that boy you fancied in sixth form or your old teacher – you cannot go anywhere without bumping into someone.

There is a telephone box that is also a library

I mean what?


It’s better than the North Pole in the winter

The place basically turns into Santa’s grotto. Who doesn’t love the Christmas markets with free brownie tasters and hot mulled cider in the pop-up log cabin?

image2 - Copy

It’s a world heritage city

Need I say any more?bathlakes

It’s just so beautiful

Basically, come whenever because IT’S SO BLOODY PRETTY.

But you will forget the nice buildings when forced to walk up Bathwick hill

It seemed like such a good idea at the bottom. Better get my bloody Gold DofE award for completing that trek.



It’s just about the right size

True, it’s not quite got the big city buzz of places like Manchester, but there’s something nice about not having to trek round trying to find somewhere to eat. And there’s always new places to discover.

There are so many pubs

From the city’s smallest local the cosy Coeur de Lion, to many floors of The Cork, Bath isn’t short of a choice of places to have a beer. But if you want something a bit classier, there are numerous chain and individual cocktail places spread throughout the city. And Turtle Bay does two-for-one cocktails past 7pm, so it’d be rude not to pop in.


Enjoying a pint or two in the Coeur de Lion

The clubs are shit but we wouldn’t have them any other way

Yeah it’s not the UK’s clubbing captial, but somehow your best nights out have been in Bath. They may not be the abandoned warehouse grime scene a few people were hoping for, but there’s always a half decent place to go. And if in doubt Bristol is one stop away on the train, so who’s the real winner?

And there’s cave clubbing in Po’s and Redlight

Why is there something secretly appealing about dancing underground?

Remember Moles?

Apparently it’s making a comeback.


There’s not a shit area here

Almost every UK city has a quarter that you’d rather avoid. Whether there’s too much rubbish in the streets, the houses are a bit shabby or you’re 90% sure you’ll get stabbed there, there’s always somewhere you wouldn’t go. And nine times out of ten, it’s the student area. But even Bath’s overcrowded Oldfield Park has air of class about it.

And then there’s the Royal Crescent 

Just look at it. BATH

It’s pretty damn safe

Bath is repeatedly voted as one of the safest cities in the UK. Drunk walk back from the club = sorted.

The place is rich in culture

Did you know that Bath wasn’t only the home of Jane Austen, but also inspired Mary Shelley to finish writing Frankenstein?  Nowadays, places like the grand Holburne museum and the Theatre Royal are but a few cultural reminders of the city’s heritage. The buildings themselves have a lot of history behind them, which probably explains why they’ve featured in the odd film like Les Miserables and The Duchess.

Preach Jane

Preach Jane

You’ll defend it till you die

Yep, it’s not the student hotspot of the UK. But the combination of culture, pretty buildings and half decent nightlife makes it a second home to be proud of. Good old Jane pretty much summed it up in Northanger Abbey: “I really believe I shall always be talking of Bath when I am home again – I do love it so very much.”

University of Bath