Relax, getting a Made in Chelsea bod is easy


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You hate watching them flaunt their flawless pins and toned tummies in the LA edition, but still you’re glued to the screen.

They have the best bikinis, made better by everything about their body. How can they party so much and still just nail summer bod? Luckily for you, you don’t need to own Candy Kittens or have the best personal trainers in town to look that good. Everyone says getting fit for summer is a slog, but in reality it’s easy as Pi.

Getting around

The awkward silences which define MIC wouldn’t happen without a stroll around the block. According to huge women’s blog Popsugar, “every 20 steps we walk, we burn one calorie” –– so bumping into people in the street may be the secret.

The street isn't just for awkward encounters, it's for burning calories too

The street isn’t just for awkward encounters, it’s for burning calories too

Avoiding confrontation

But if you need to avoid the awkward confrontation, a short-cut could more than double the calories burned. Taking the stairs, according to StepJockey, is considered a “vigorous exercise” and burns one and a half calories per 10 steps climbed. So maybe you’re better swerving everyone after all.

Move Boiiiiiii!

That’s a solid 30 calories burnt

But if like Spencer Matthews and Alex Mytton, running away from problems seems to be the only solution, a more fast-paced option may be preferable. From rollerblading to stilts, it’s all been tried on the programme, and you can get fit and look cool at the same time. Maybe it’s time to jump on the SwegWay bandwagon, or take out your first Boris Bike for just £2 a day. You can even cycle around Chelsea and pretend you’re an extra on the show.

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Get fit or die trying

The classes

As star Lucy Watson tells People Magazine, she likes “exercise where you don’t even realise you’re exercising”. That’s the spirit. So if cycling seems too mainstream, then maybe going to one of England’s weirdest yoga classes is a better way to tone up. 

From naked yoga in Brighton to Doga (doggy yoga), there’s something for everyone –– even your pets. Since appearing on MIC in 2013, Mahny from DogMahny has published a book on the classes and appeared on This Morning for the famous “doggy hump scene”.  But despite the misbehaving dogs, Mahny told the BBC “breathing is key”, and the main method of Doga is for the dogs to copy the owner’s breathing habit and relax.

doga MIC

It’s more than just a re-enactment of ‘Lion King’

If you’re not barking mad about dogs but more of a cat person, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch does cat yoga. You’ll be given a complimentary high tea, but at £15 an hour, it might be more of a one off than a regular part of your routine. 

The nightlife


MIC meets Magic Mike

MIC meets Magic Mike

The MIC stars don’t just walk around Chelsea their whole lives: their nightlife is just as important as the insta-worthy food and feline-friendly yoga sessions when it comes to getting their summer body.

Pole dancing and twerking classes can prep you for the dance floor –– and help you tone-up in the process. They’re fun, and you’ll be ready with some killer moves when you’re out on the town.