How hot does it have to be for boys to go topless in public?

Get your kit off


With temperatures down south soaring to a sweltering 36 degrees recently, you’d be hard pressed to find someone whose eyes haven’t fallen victim to the unfortunate sight of sweaty topless men.

On a steamy afternoon in London, we hit the streets to find out what the public think about ditching those layers in the sunshine.

Britney and Jay – Australian tourists, 26


Sticking to the sunnies

Jay asked for the temperature and seemed keen to strip for us at 25 degrees. Britney, the true Aussie, told him: “You are not taking your top off in England.”

Chris – Policeman, 27


Didn’t seem impressed

“It’s a personal preference. I personally wouldn’t want to make people jealous.”

Theo – T-shirt salesman, 47


“Always keep the top on, it would put me out of business otherwise.”

Anne and Luigi – French fashionistas, 22 and 23


Anne: “Because this is England, 24 degrees is probably hot enough for you lot.”

Partner Luigi strongly disagreed. He said: “It has to be at least 35 degrees to strip.”

Bella – Waitress, 21


Donning a woolly hat in mid-July

“I don’t like the idea of men taking their tops off in the street. If it was ever acceptable it’d have to be over 39 degrees.”

Maybe a bit aspirational for England, Bella.

Colin – Top Hat Salesman, 57


Beauty is pain

“If you’re at the sea-side 25 is OK, but in the city of London? Never.”

Megan – Student, 19


“Never for men.”

Josh – Builder, 24


Not your stereotypical builder

“It’s got to be holiday standard – at least 27.”

Isabella – Latitude Festival returner, 22


“He has to be like Magic Mike hot… oh wait, you mean temperature-wise?”

Georgia and James – Siblings, 20 and 22


James: “Only when your top’s on fire.”

Georgia: “Just unacceptable.”

Mark – Taxi Driver, 32


“All that ‘sun’s out guns out’ crap, they’re arseholes aren’t they?”

When asked if he would let someone in his cab topless, Mark said: “not a chance.”