Guilt-free cocktails to keep you looking hot this summer

Because a poolside bar is no place for a jagerbomb

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Nothing feels more summery than a round of cocktails by the hotel pool, but drinking all that alcohol can wreak havoc on your perfectly sculpted summer bod. Luckily for you though, there are some blissfully boozy drinks that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Drinks for staying slim

Slim and tonic


Low-cal drinks for SoCal vibes

Black Tower’s “skinny” wines may have less alcohol than your normal tipple, but with just 55 calories per glass you could sink a bottle without worrying about your waistline. Mix the rosé with slim-line tonic to make the perfect alternative to Pimm’s.

Skinny bitch

Calorie free = care free

Calorie free = care free

Take one shot of vodka, add diet soda, a lime wedge and (of course) ice. Nutritionist Helen George told The Tab: “When trying to drink healthy, the simpler tipples are better,” and this drink certainly delivers on that front, while keeping the calorie count low.

Hour-glass amigo

You wouldn't catch this Miss England contestant downing pints of real ale

You wouldn’t catch this Miss England contestant downing pints of real ale

This blend of two shots of cognac, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 4 teaspoons of honey and grapefruit juice might sound complicated, but the taste makes the extra effort worthwhile.

According to a study by the University of California, the grapefruit juice will help you with any weight loss, while the apple cider vinegar acts as an appetite suppressor, ensuring there’s no need for that late night kebab. It also prevents the accumulation of fat so anything you do eat won’t go straight to your hips. Use honey as a natural and healthier way to sweeten the grapefruit flavour.

Long Island bootie

Suns out, bums out

Suns out, bums out

Coconut water is the health drink of 2015 (even Madonna loves it) and with just 39 calories per 100ml it’s an ideal low-cal mixer, with four to five times less sugar compared to fruit juice or cola. Mix the coconut water with two shots of white rum, the juice from half a lime and pineapple and almond flakes.

Results from a study by the University of Science in Malaysia showed the re-hydrating benefits of coconut water are significant – which should help with your hangover the next day. Plus the almond flakes will provide you with some much-needed healthy fats and protein which will help keep your muscles and bikini butt toned.

Drinks for muscle-heads

Bulking not sulking

Is it cheat day yet?

Every workout regime needs a cheat day and this is the perfect cocktail for those moments of one-off indulgence. Strict dieting can leave you with low glycogen stores and can slow your metabolism, so health experts suggest shocking your system with a high influx of calories to kick-start your metabolism into a high gear once again.

Blend a shot of vodka and a shot of Bailey’s chocolate orange with half a cup of double cream, half a cup of double chocolate ice cream, a teaspoon of orange sorbet and a flake. We told you this was indulgent.


Berries without bellies please

Berries without bellies please

After cheat day, you’ll need a cocktail that can stand up and say no to the beer belly. Although spiking your energy levels with coffee and energy drinks isn’t usually recommended, caffeine can burn fat by speeding up your metabolism so you’ll be burning calories as you drink.

Add a double measure of tequila to two shots of espresso, crushed berries, light cranberry juice and grenadine syrup for a drink that will increase your energy levels while also reducing hunger. Plus the espresso should give you loads of energy for the dance floor, basically making this a pre-workout cocktail. Use light cranberry juice to reduce your sugar intake.

Mr Muscle

Get a body like this, without the terrible tan lines

Get a body like this, without the terrible tan lines

This cocktail is for the gym rats who only seem to eat chicken and rice. Add a double measure of amaretto to half a shot of gin, one egg white and two teaspoons of almond butter and you’ll be left with a cocktail that will keep you feeling full.

After shaking together, this cocktail’s ingredients should form a mousse-like drink, full of protein-y goodness. Sprinkle almond flakes on top for decoration and drizzle with honey for sweetness.

When the amaretto is shaken with the almond butter and egg whites, this cocktail makes a mousse texture – protein mousse. Add the almond flakes on top for decoration and honey for sweetness.