Steering wheel snatchers break into freshers’ cars on North Road

Baffled police say it’s the first time they’ve ever had someone steal a steering wheel


Opportunist thieves stole radios and steering wheels from a row of parked cars on North Road, two of which are owned by freshers living nearby.

Police were called to North Road yesterday afternoon after three cars were discovered with smashed windows and their steering wheels and radios missing.


The thefts were discovered yesterday lunchtime by a passer-by

The crime occurred between the evening of Sunday May 24 and midday yesterday. A passer-by reported the thefts to Somerset and Avon Police after they noticed multiple cars had been targeted.

Two freshers from Woodland Court were the unlucky owners of the first and second cars to be reported, a grey Renault Clio which had suffered the most extensive damage, and a black Peugeot.

IMG_3803 2

Of the three cars, this Renault Clio was the most heavily targeted

Only able to drive in a straight line

Only able to drive in a straight line

The police officer at the scene described the condition of the Clio as “shocking” and said: “In 14 years patrolling the Bath area, I’ve never experienced any trouble involving cars parked on North Road.

“I’ve also never been involved in a car robbery where the steering wheel has been ripped from the dashboard.”

Jason Baynton, the owner of the vehicle said he was surprised the criminals ignored the brand new radio he had tucked under the passenger seat. After removing it from its casing, they abandoned it to focus on the wheel instead.

He said: “It’s really inconvenient as I’d been hoping to fill the car up with my belongings and drive home in a week’s time at the end of term. Now I’ve got to juggle revision for my remaining exams with organising repairs.

“At least the bastards didn’t fancy nicking my Johnny Cash CD.”

To top off the smashed windows and missing steering wheel, the ruthless thieves even pulled the spoiler off the back of the car.

Fresher Jack Cole-Bailey’s Peugeot was also damaged by the thieves. Rather than smash a window to gain entry to his car, the criminals drilled a single hole into the side of the door lock in order to gain access to the car and rip the radio from the dashboard.

They also popped out the wing mirror glass only to leave it at the scene.

Someone knows the tricks of the trade


The thieves tore the car radio out of the central panel in this car

The glove compartment of the third vehicle, a Ford Focus, was broken into and emptied completely apart from a copy of Sam Smith’s number one album In The Lonely Hour. The owner is currently being contacted by the police.

After being made aware of the damage, freshers from nearby halls helped the unfortunate car owners patch their cars up with minor repairs to avoid the risk of water damage to the inside.

Didn't fancy the Sam Smith CD though

Didn’t fancy the Sam Smith CD though

Everything can be fixed with duct tape

Everything can be fixed with duct tape

If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact the police.