Shocked fourth year finds live locust crawling inside Sainsbury’s salad

It was absolutely massive

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A fourth year at Bath had the surprise of his life when he bought a bag of salad – and found a live locust crawling inside.

Stephen Oldham, 21, purchased the rocket from Sainsbury’s but was astonished when he got home and saw the fully-grown pest among the leaves.

Stephen, from Bath, Somerset said: “I purchased a bag of rocket from Sainsbury’s Bath and when I was unpacking my shopping noticed that there was a locust living in the bag.”


All Stephen wanted was some nice, delicious rocket

The fourth year Architect student from the University of Bath, filmed the insect before going back to the store with the bag, which originated in Spain.

Stephen added: “The person I spoke was quite humorous about it. Sainsbury’s are now handling it.”


The type of locust is currently unknown

Sainsbury’s said: “We’ve apologised to Steve for this – clearly it should never have happened and we have contacted him to make it up to him.

“Our supplier has stringent checks in place on the production line and we will be looking closely at how this occurred.”