What I learned from my first week at Canalside

You’re not in halls any more

For the 2nd and 3rd years who fancy a change of view from Aston’s accommodation, Canalside is a popular alternative for Brummie students.

Located in Birmingham’s City Centre, it’s a speedy stroll to Main Building and The Bullring. With double beds, tumblr-esque wooden floors, and flatscreen TV in the kitchen, what more do you want?

But upon moving into Canalside there are a few things they don’t mention in any of the brochure…some good, and some not quite so good.

The views… or lack of

Maybe one of the reasons behind Canalside’s steal of a price, is that you don’t quite get the same ambience around campus. Or the wildlife.

Whilst Canalside’s surrounding residents aren’t a threat or generally trying to attack students (hopefully), they certainly aren’t Aston’s Canadian geese.


Literally 60 seconds away from Canalside…it’s not quite the lake

Most Aston students will be accustomed to seeing these fellas and their little ones waddling around, but sadly for us Canalside newbies, it will be a sorely missed sight.


Aston Univeristy shared this fluffy little guy on their Facebook page, so cute!

BYOK (Bring Your Own Kettle)

Another reason for the low rent could be due to the fact that there’s not much in your flat. While first-years are being showered appliances, you’ll be buying your own kettle, toaster, hoover, iron, and bedroom bin. I guess that’s a life lesson.

But hey – at least you won’t get ripped off having to pay the £40 set price to replace the £8 kettle you broke at Aston.


But where’s our kettle!?

We aren’t in Kansas anymore

The state of the route from Canalside to Aston’s campus might have come up in conversation from students living their last year.

Really though, it’s really not bad at all, you just need to keep a positive attitude. Look at it like a game of Cluedo.

Who’s going into be asleep in the underpass this morning? What item of bedding will there be?


You’ll get used to this walk.

Bye bye bathroom

If you lived in new build at Aston, the memories of that bloody shower curtain sticking to your entire body will stay with you forever.

Washing your hair became a dreaded task, and shaving your legs? Don’t even go there.

Welcome to Canalside, where your bathroom comes free with a fan that actually propels the shower curtain into you as soon as you run the water. Also, the shower’s made of a hose pipe.

Hey, at least you have cool wooden floors now and you’re not getting gassed out the room with smoke.


We are not a fan of this new shower.

Circuit Laundry oh how I missed you

Most of us have come to accept Circuit Laundry for what it is, which is an experience nowhere near as fun as is shown on the top-up card.

It’s the same system at Canalside, which makes washing your friends’ sick off your freshers week outfits a bit less hassle. However, the tumble-dryers at Canalside tend to dry your clothes with literal fire from a raging inferno.

But on the plus side they’re fast.



On a genuine note, my first week at Canalside has been fab. It’s modern, stylish, and clean. You can move your bed around, a luxury not available in James Watt, and there are sofas and fancy office chairs.

The staff and security are amazing, and you’re close enough to Aston University to crawl in on a massive hangover after a messy night in Snobs.


Heart eyes emoji

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