Freshers: Everything you need to know about Aston

Jake Wyatt

It’s not just all bad accents and Gatecrasher

Aston is smack-bang in the middle of Birmingham, and next week you’re officially going to become a fully-fledged Aston University Fresher.

Believe us, you’re going to love it. Birmingham itself is such a great city to be a student in, and being an Aston freshie comes with its bonuses.

It’s Thursday night and that means only one thing…VODBULL

When it comes to nights out you can’t beat Vodbull. Players on Tuesday, Snobs on Thursday and brand new six on Monday.

You’ll get a kushty mix of cheese, hip-hop, RnB, house and more. Vodbull has everything for a great student night; with cheap entry fees and drinks, as well as great venues.

Make sure you watch out for the free ticket give away as well, especially if you’ve spent all your money in the Bullring the day before.


We heart vodbull.

Gosta Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays…

Gosta Green is Aston’s local and a bit more student friendly than Sack of Potatoes.  It’s the one of the best places for a quiet drink, a cheap meal or to watch some footy on the big screen.

Always buzzing with students, it’s an amazing Monday night, as it turns into an RnB and hip-hop club. Look out for #QuidsMondays.

Gosta is a true Aston favourite and you will probably end spending a lot of time there. So again, if you want to save some more money grab a gosta card to collect points and make savings on food and drink. You can’t go wrong!


I’m soooo pissed…GET ME TO CHICKEN HUT

If you’ve never heard of Chicken Hut… you will soon.

Aston’s alternative to the classic McDonalds, the closest fast food shop to Uni and definitely the tastiest.

The cheesy chips are to die for and everything else is…cheap. You might read this and swear blind you definitely won’t turn into a Chicken Hut fan, but you’ll give in to their spicy chicken wings eventually.

Cheap, cheerful and chicken-y, it’s a classic. Some people even go in the day (but we wouldn’t recommend it).


Anybody want a punnet of strawberries?

It might not sound very interesting, but everyone needs food and there’s no better place than the market.

There may be closer supermarkets, like the Tesco Metro (which just missed out in the top five), but if you want to save some money for nights out the market is the place.

It can be found at the back of the Bullring, only about 10 minutes away from Aston’s campus.

You won’t find food cheaper and fresher food anywhere else. Just don’t buy the 40 pack of fish fingers for a quid, trust us.


Don’t shop (or revise) here!


Everybody lives Yik Yak, and Birmingham’s Yik Yak game has become stronger than ever.

It’s the best app to let you know what’s going on around Aston’s campus. Want to know who set the fire alarm off at 4am? YIK YAK. Curious about who was swimming in the lake last night? YIK YAK! Having a bad day and want to laugh about BCU? You guessed it…YIK YAK.

It can be even be useful sometimes if you have any questions about campus, want to know where to find things or find out who’s having a flat party tonight.

And that's a 2-0 to Aston.

Admit you laughed.

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