Revealed: The mystery behind our favourite ‘Jesus man’

Jake Wyatt

He’s taking us higher

The drizzly walk home after a night out wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for those famous words “higher higher” to perk us all up. 

You might call him “Jesus man” – the man in the florescent jacket who haunts Moor Street at night, praising the lord to all who will listen. His real name is Pastel Celestian, and it may come as a surprise, but Pastel is not a Birmingham local. In fact, Pastel’s from Wolverhampton, and nearly every night he gets the train to Birmingham to walk round the city centre and sing his famous song “higher higher, Jesus Christ”.


The big man and myself

The Tab spoke to Pastel one night walking back from Broad Street, and he said: “I live in Wolverhampton, and I come to Birmingham when I’m not sleeping. I’ve not given any message yet, I’m only praising the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t decide to praise the Lord, he told me to.”

It seems Birmingham’s infamous preacher is not tied down to Birmingham’s City Centre, as I asked him why Moor Street has become his stomping ground: “It’s God, it’s not me. He decides where I go.”

He told The Tab his main goal is to spread the religious message, and he hopes for the world to be a better place with “no more war, pain or suffering”, which doesn’t sound too bad.

One of my many encounters with Pastel

One of my many encounters with Pastel

“Jesus is coming back”, he tells me. “He’s already saved the world once, he is coming back to save it again.”

At first glance, it would not be outrageous to think Pascal is just another bloke wandering round late at night causing havoc, but he is clearly passionate about spreading the word of God. He even tells me about some history behind God’s work.

“The devil used to be a left man of God, he used to be one of the angels, and because he was greedy he was driven out of Heaven. Soon all of the devils of the world will be driven away.”

I asked Pastel about his plans for the future, and he said he will continue to preach the word of God.

So next time you’re walking home from Broad Street and you see Pastel walking around, don’t just take a Snapchat – wave hello and ask him about God’s mission.

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