Tab poll results: Nearly 40 per cent of us are backing Labour

But second years are sticking with Cameron

Aston have joined The Tab in backing Labour leader Ed Miliband in the race for Number 10.

In a survey carried out by The Tab, 39 per cent revealed they were planning on voting Labour tomorrow.

Conservatives trailed behind with 28 per cent, with the Greens swooping into third place with 13 per cent.

General Election

But our poll also revealed it’s mainly freshers supporting Ed, as 36 per cent of second years are voting Tory.

Business students are also more likely to back current Prime Minister Dave, along with Maths and Economics.

UKIP are neck and neck with Conservatives for Engineers, who overall prefer Labour but a quarter would still vote UKIP.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Lib Dems are the least popular party at Aston, with UKIP beating them by a two per cent margin.


Only five per cent said they were still unsure who they were voting for, and just two per cent of those surveyed said they weren’t planning on voting at all tomorrow.

Grace Marr, a second year, said: “I’m surprised to see such support for Conservatives.

“We are one of the first years to suffer from the Conservatives’ massive tuition fee increase.”

Over at University of Birmingham, Labour and Conservative have just one per cent between them with Labour taking the lead – even though a recent survey by High Fliers said Tory were the favourite.

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