Fire alarm in main build leaves everyone out in the cold

An overheated piece of equipment caused the alarm

Lectures were cut short today when an overheated piece of equipment triggered the fire alarm in the main build.

The warning alarm sounded for five minutes before it turned into a full alarm and students were evacuated.

First year Pharmacy student Calum Dawson had to leave his Pharmaceutics and Equilibria lecture.

He said: “I didn’t wait around, I just went back to the flat but I could still see people waiting outside and could still hear the alarm.

“I’d say they were waiting around for a good five minutes.”

fire alarm

The University took a light hearted approach to the evacuation, joking on their Facebook page “it’s good to get some fresh air.”

Screenshot 2014-12-10 14.01.22

After investigation it was discovered heat sensors were triggered by a piece of equipment overheating.

The temperatures outside were as low as five degrees, and many students left instead of waiting around.

Mark Gregory, second year Translation Studies and French student said: “My lecturer wished she grabbed her coat.”

Aston University