Seriously, stop complaining about the gender neutral toilets

It’s not going to affect you in the slightest

It’s time we all realise that having pets at uni isn’t ‘fun’, it’s stupid and cruel

A fresher filled his goldfish’s makeshift tank with wine and killed it

Yoko’s is categorically the worst part of a night out

Something about it brings out the dickhead in people

Will everyone please give Boris Johnson a break?

An ode to his blonde bumbling buffoonery

The Art’s Centre is the best thing at Aber, so why aren’t we using it?

If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it

The last thing Aber needs is another chain coffee shop

We have enough, thank you

Ugly chalk scribbling is always the worst thing about SU elections

They’re so obnoxious

The resignation of McMahon was a long time coming

Her tyrannical reign had to come to an end sooner rather than later

Stop telling porkies: The new Greggs will not bake local business

Never has a sausage roll caused so much outrage

The new tap-in lecture system is an attack on everything that makes uni great

No more getting your mates to sign you in

Stop your misplaced outrage: The only crime Yoko’s have committed is a dodgy Paint job

They had good intentions

Living in London is not glamorous, sexy or even fun

‘Yes actually, it is very possible for me to be bored’

Why go to a city uni, when you can be in a seaside town?

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Don’t be pressured into going to Pier

It’s such a school disco

The Angel is really the ‘secret’ third night club

Yes, there is another club here

FOMO is ruining your life, but you’re still in denial

Life is so hard

Get off your phone, you’re the worst kind of person

Come back into the real world

Every tyranny has to end eventually: why Vice-Chancellor April McMahon’s time has come

A petition signed by students and staff calling for the VC to resign leaves her in an untenable position, argues KATHARINA WEZEL

Katharina Wezel