Everything that ever happens in Aber on Halloween

You’re probably not going to get into Yoko’s

At most universities Halloween is a huge night out, and Aberystwyth is no exception. It can either be the best night of the year, or one of the grimmest. Either way, it’s like no other night out.

1. There’s half a dozen different Halloween predrinks and parties you want to go to, but you reluctantly pick one.

pres aber

Predrink hard – you’re not getting a drink later

2. The other ones sounded better.

3. Predrinks overruns as someone is late/sorting out makeup/too drunk already.

4. Your mate from a different predrinks texts you saying they’re going to Cambrian/Academy/Harleys, and to meet them there.

5. “Hey I’ve heard Cambrian is good tonight” you lie, hoping to meet up with more people.

6. You go to Cambrian. It’s packed wall to wall, but you brave it anyway.

Literally everywhere is packed

Literally everywhere is packed

7. Your other mates aren’t here. You squirm your way to the bar to get a drink, losing one of the people with you to the crowd.

8. “You guys in Cambrian yet?”

9. Turns out they’re in Harley’s despite your clear instructions.

10. You finish your drink, and start trying to round up your group to go to Harley’s.

11. You lose another one of your group to someone they know off their course. They say they’ll meet you in Harley’s, but you know that’s not true.

12. Whilst on the way to Harley’s you get mobbed by a society in one uniform costume. Inevitably, you lose part of your outfit.

13. Harley’s is also packed wall to wall – you go straight to the smoking area to get out of the crush.

14. You head to Yoko’s. The queue is a joke.

15. You wait for ten minutes before deciding life is too short for this shit.

16. Whilst you’re trying to get out the queue, a half naked man vomits on your feet

17. You hit up Marcos or Hollywood and call it a night.

Much better than getting sweaty in Yokos

Much better than getting sweaty in Yokos

18. You wonder why you ever bother with Halloween in Aber.

19. Your mates go on to have one of the best nights they’ve ever had in Aber, telling you that it got really good shortly after you left.