Tickled Pink raises £600 at Blackhouse event

All the more reason to remember it fondly

If you were at Blackhouse presents: ONE on Saturday night (8th October) you probably came across the Tickled Pink girls painting faces, taking collections and glittering up party goers.

Well, we are delighted to be able to report that they raised a whopping £540 by the end of the night, which was then rounded up to £600 by Blackhouse organiser Kirk Holland, who told the Tab: “We try and raise money for a charity every show and I’m absolutely delighted the Tickled Pink girls were able to raise such a large amount for their chosen charities!

“They raised £540 at the gig through face painting, collections and glittering people up and I’ve donated another £60 to round it up to £600.”


Understandably delighted by this success, Tickled Pink president Shabina Aqil told the Tab: “I am extremely proud of the hard work the committee and society put in to every event, this event was overwhelming, the support from everyone who attended Blackhouse was amazing and I can’t thank Kirk enough for allowing us to achieve so much”.


For those who don’t know much about the society, Shabina explains: “We are a Uni society called Tickled Pink and we raise money and awareness for two charities; Breast Cancer Care and CoppaFeel! We split the money at the end of the year between them.”


Congratulations to Tickled Pink on an excellent night’s work.