Uni issues ‘killer clown’ warning asking students not to participate

Maybe don’t go running through Penglais Woods for a while

In response to the ‘Killer Clown’ craze that is sweeping the UK currently, the university has issued a statement asking students not to participate.

The statement says: “Although many of these may be good-natured pranks, they can also be seen as sinister and scary.

“We are therefore asking our community of students here in Aberystwyth not to be part of this clown-dressing trend.

“As a University, we will also investigate any reports of such incidents and take further action where necessary.”

fuck that

fuck that

Sergeant Rhys Williams of Dyfed-Powys Police said: “Dressing as a clown is not an offence, but deliberately scaring someone, causing harassment, alarm or distress could lead to arrest. There is also the possibility that you could attempt to scare the wrong person and they could retaliate. Please be mindful that what seems like a bit of fun to you, could not be seen the same way by those on the receiving end of this prank.”

Some students find this sort of response from the university a bit over-kill.

Third-year Brandon says: “Students do dumb shit sometimes, but compared to crazes like neck nominate this is pretty tame. Big deal about nothing.”

However not everybody is so calm. James, second year, says “It’s out of order ya know? Loads of people are really scared of clowns, and it’s just distressing them for laughs.”