The Aber Council have recieved an application for a Hinterland Mural

If accepted it’ll be put up at the end of Pier Street

A planning permission application has been recieved by the council to paint a building sized mural at the end of Pier Street.

The mural would feature lead actor Richard Harrington, in a shot from the series.


A mockup submitted as part of the application

Reaction to the application has been mixed.

Jeanette, Aber graduate, said: “It’s nice to have a mural for the show but that mockup is not what I would expect. A mural like this would be better in a different part of town.”

Chris, second-year, “I’d love to see a mural there, but something a bit more traditional would work better. Something that shows off the different parts of Aberystwyth and the surrounding areas.

The application has not yet been approved.