Expensive, overrated and disgusting: Shots are the worst thing on a night out

They’re so expensive and don’t even get you pissed

Shots are one of the most popular drinks to get on a night out, but are also among the worst.

Picture the scene: your mate signals to the bar with the universally understood club sign language for “drink” and you get excited by the prospect of a refreshing VK or vodka mixer. But to your despair your friend mouths to the bar staff and orders a round of shots.

Your hearts sinks, as does the whole night out.

shots unay

No thanks

There’s no denying it: shots taste awful

tom taste

The horror

Some people inexplicably pretend to like shots. These people revel in taking all the enjoyment out of drinking by subjecting their throats and stomachs to the drinking equivalent of an industrial clean. Vodka, Sambuca, Rum, Gin – they’re all rank when taken neat. Anyone who says otherwise is just try to look cool.

They’re far, far too expensive to be worth it


Spend your money on Frosty’s instead

Yes, we’re sometimes only out to get pissed quickly and cheaply. But there is never a need to subject yourself to shots.

There are plenty of less painful ways to get drunk fast and cheap – a three litre bottle of Frosty Jack’s at pres will eliminate all need for shots, leaving you the rest of your night to take it slow and enjoy a good beer or alcopop or two.

They instantly make you feel sick

sick tab

Shot down

Is a round of shots really worth another embarrassing notch on the chunder chart? Hugging the toilet isn’t what nights out are for. Throwing shapes inside the club or chatting in the smoking area are both far more functional and conversational than the shot connoisseur making a mess on his jeans in front of the bouncers because of that lastest round of ‘buca. Don’t be that guy.

They don’t even get you drunk

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These guys are drunk. They did not have shots.

Besides, shots don’t even get you as drunk as you think anyway. They’re a tiny volume of alcohol and are usually watered down when offered as free or reduced. Stick to mixers – you’ll get a lot more alcohol and it’ll be twice as nice.

They give the worst hangovers


Whenever someone gets shots in ruins the night out. You immediately regret coming to the bar in the first place and question why you came out – especially now you know tomorrow’s essay will be written with stomach-turning Sambuca swirling around inside you.

You’ll have the hangover from the seventh circle of hell and few memories of the night before. Let’s be honest, shots are never worth it.