SU apologise for Nazi blunder in Bierkeller event

The SS symbol ‘was simply used to separate the Welsh and English text’

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Bungling union staff have backtracked after offensive Nazi insignia appeared on their Bierkeller event.

Following the revelation of the Union’s embarrassing mess-up on Thursday, the SU have assured it was “a genuine mistake” that the Führer’s bodyguard’s symbol appeared on their Facebook event.


Printing the SS insignia was a simple but bungling mistake

In a statement, they said: “Aberystwyth Students’ Union very much regret this symbol appeared on a social media posting, and can assure you it was a genuine mistake that was simply used to separate the Welsh and English text.

“It was removed as soon as it came to our attention. This has not appeared on any of the official promotional material.

“We apologise for any offence caused.”



Tom Reed, an International Politics student, said: “Although undoubtedly an innocent mishap, an organisation which claims to be a professional establishment should not be making sloppy mistakes like that.

“I’m sure nobody was offended but they need to be more careful.”