Knowing what to invest in when literally supporting your precious camera equipment is essential. Having a great tripod gives you the freedom to create the most amazing shots. In the […]

Knowing what to invest in when literally supporting your precious camera equipment is essential. Having a great tripod gives you the freedom to create the most amazing shots. In the past, a decent compact tripod would set you back a body limb, luckily numerous affordable and tech savvy options are available to aspiring photographers in 2019.

When picking a travel tripod some factors need to be taken into consideration; Size when folded – no lunky equipment, travel means easily portable, size when extended, weight, again you do not want to be lugging around kilograms of equipment to get your perfect shot, materials, carbon fibre is king here, leg and head quality, sturdiness and of course affordability.

But WhyWould I Need a Travel Tripods?

Well, this is a subjective point. From a personal point of view, lugging around a traditional tripod to get the shots I require is simply too cumbersome. Having the peace of mind that my shots will not be a blurred mess while having the convenience of carrying small, foldable equipment minus the incredible weight is worth the investment in a travel tripod. And let’s face it, having a tripod on your next travel trip might mean the difference between squinting to make out the picture or having a crystal-clear shot.

So, without further preamble, let’s get into 2019’s best travel tripods, in our humble opinion.

Peak Design Travelpod

When researching this article, one name came up tops absolutely every time.

The Peak Design travel pod comes with the following
Collapsed Height: 15.25″ (38.7 cm)

Extended Height: 58.5″ (148.6 cm)

Weight: 3.44 lbs (1.56 kgs) Allow, 2.81 lb (1.27 kgs) Carbon

Maximum Load: 20 lbs (9.1 kg)

Peak Design is known in the camera industry for creating truly innovative products that improve on existing designs, often in a revolutionary way. Having one of the quickest-to-deploy tripod legs on the market Peak Design’s locking cam levers are so simple that it makes it extremely fast to extend or contract your equipment. The ball head on this model operates more fluidly than traditional heads, while still prioritising spatial efficiency.
When folded, Peak Design is the size of a water bottle. The direction ball head is controlled by an adjustment ring which runs around the circumference, meaning just one locking ring for total security and stiffness. Attaching your camera to the plate involves simply sliding equipment onto the Arca-Swiss plate and pushing down. A nice touch to the ball head is a bubble level.

Other smart features include nonslip, shock absorbing feet, a built-in load hanging hook, low and inverted configuration modes for low-level photography, and a built-in mobile mount which stows away magnetically in the center column

There’s not much bad to say about this product, it has everything you need from a tripod, and a few things you never knew you needed.


Although MeFOTO is relatively new to the world of photography, it has very definitely positioned itself as a number one contender for best lightweight tripod in 2019.

With the following stats;
Collapsed Height: 28.3″ (72 cm)
Extended Height: 61.6″ (156 cm)
Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
Maximum Load: 17.6 lbs (7.9 kg)

MeFOTO is not only super functional but is available in nine different colours, for those of us who like to be different. This tripod is the best camera tripod for photographers who don’t want to look like photographers The thin design means that it is more portable than most tripods but does counterbalance with a slightly lower maximum load of 7.9 kgs. Folding the MeFOto is a simple task of sliding each leg into itself, then folding it vertically 180 degrees. The folded size of the 72 cm long, which means that it can fit into a backpack. The legs extend via a twist mechanism which means it faster to extend all legs in a column at once by twisting all the fastenings at once.

The stand out feature of this tripod is that it doubles as a monopod. By unscrewing one of the legs and removing the middle section from the base, both can connect to make a monopod. Perhaps one of the more inconvenient issues with this model is that the Arca Swiss plate requires a screwdriver (or coin) to tighten but with a weight of only 3.6 pounds to carry, one doesn’t mind carrying a coin to sort this out. From a price and features point of view though, the MeFOTO is probably one of the best travel tripods around today. And when you consider you’re getting a well made, colour coordinated, lightweight tripod which doubles as a monopod and includes a bag, the MeFOTOAluminiumRoadtrip really is one of the best tripods available today.

Punks Corey

If you care about aesthetics, which some of us do, the Punks Corey is about as funky and eye appealing as it gets. But this tripod is not all about looks, with stats like these, it’s easy to see why the Corey made it to this list.

Collapsed Height: 13.7″ (34 cm)
Extended Height: 58″ (147 cm)
Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.5 kgs)
Maximum Load: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

With an aluminum frame that is accented in orange and blue, this tripod definitely stands out from the crowd. The Punk Corey is an entry level micro traveler but features almost all of the technologies that are found on our professional ranges. Made of aircraft grade Magnesium Alloy, Corey is the perfect travel option for photographers who need their tripod to be as compact as possible.

Features include a tri-mount plate, which handy hanging hooks for stability. The tri-mount plate features three holes in which you can attach optional accessories, such as a laptop plate.
Detachable feet can be replaced with a range of spikey foot accessories to increase increasing stability and traction depending on the terrain. The main benefits of this tripod revolve around its size and weight. The collapsed height of only 34cm means that it’s probably the best choice for someone to attach the outside of a camera backpack. A bubble grip system for an easier hold and an easy to use twist to lock mechanism make it smooth and easy to operate. The legs can be locked in 3 different angles and inverted 180 degrees when you’re done.With an impressive load weight of 13.6kgs, the Punks Corey is more than adequate to hold large bodied DSLR’s with zoom lens.The legs are built from aircraft grade magnesium alloy and feel solid and durable.