Everything you need to know about Ipe Woods USA

Ipewoods the USA has always been famous for many reasons whether it’s about the material they offer or the service they provide. There is no doubt that these woods have […]

Ipewoods the USA has always been famous for many reasons whether it’s about the material they offer or the service they provide. There is no doubt that these woods have been using for many buildings, and the results are amazing.

Homeowners can use Ipe when they want to attach a deck to their house or the swimming pool. It depends on their choice of how they want to use it. Some buildings also use the combination of woods in the form of Ipe.

The reason for using these types of woods is simple because they are durable and can easily attach to in a deck. I am sure you might have heard a lot about these woods, and in this article, I will guide you with some amazing details about it.

These woods are found in North America from where people move them to a different part of the world.

These woods have gained much popularity because of the material and high price. Yes, it cost more than any other hardwood type.

What is Ipe?

Most of the people are not aware of this term because it is just found in North American and some part of the other countries. If you are confused about this term, then don’t be because here are the complete details about the Ipe Woods USA.

Ipe is a unique tropical wood that is found in Central America. Some of the manufacturers buy these woods from South American and Brazil, which is the reason people thinks that it’s their wood.
This material is much stronger than any other wood which you can find in your house. Moreover, these woods work best for deck and make it stronger.

You can also change the color of this wood if you don’t like the original color but have to use some strong stains to make it deeper and intense. This is the reason many people prefer to use the original color because it’s best for the design.
These woods are resistant to heat and temperature so you can take them to any other region you want to. Just make sure to cover them well as it can damage other woods too.

What is the cost of Ipe woods?

Like I have mentioned above, this wood can cost you more than any other wood. Yes, it’s true that they are way too expensive than other original woods. The price can vary from $3.50 to $5 square feet.

If you are living outside of America, then it can cost you more because the seller will charge the transport fees and taxes as well.

In some of the markets, these woods are sold at a high price during the shortage. In this way, you can get them at high rates. Furthermore, if you are planning to change the color of the woods, then you have to pay for the high-intensity colors also.
In this way, you can assume that how high rates can be of this particular wood type.

How long does Ipe decking last?

There is nothing better than Ipe woods because they are best and comes with many benefits as well. Other woods can last for about 25 years, but Ipe woods can last for more than 75 years. Yes, you heard me right these woods can last for 75 years.

The reason behind it is simple because they are strong, and there is no need to maintain them. Once you had attached them, you can easily use them for a long time.

The best thing about these foods is that you don’t need any maintenance and even you can use the same old woods at different places. If you are buying decking material, then I would suggest you use Ipe because it’s best for decking.

Ipe woods advantage and disadvantages

The best thing about these woods is they are made with natural material and are way too strong. These woods releases natural oil as the year passes. This makes them more strong and reliable too.
Moreover, it gives another look to your house and deck also. You can attach them to the swimming pool and other places if you want to.

The biggest drawback of these woods is that they are expensive as compared to other woods and if you are buying them from other countries, you have to pay tax charges as well.