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Footballer accused of racial slur against AUFC player appears in court

The incident took place during a match last April


An amateur football player has denied making a racial slur against an Aberdeen student during a football match.

Michael Kindness, the Kincorth player accused of the slur, appeared in Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday.

In April 2019, Aberdeen University Football Club (AUFC) walked off the pitch mid-match after a “racial slur” was used against one of its players by a rival team member.

The incident is said to have happened after a verbal dispute on the pitch.

The slur was said to be used against Adrian Gassama, who gave evidence in court and said he knew the slur was aimed at him as he was “the only black person there”.

Gassama said: “There was a guy next to me, close to the centre circle. He pushed me and I went up and pushed him back.

“Then from the far end, between the right-hand side and central defender, I heard a racial slur.”

Kindness denies the claims against him, but Andrew Boyle and Graham Thorpe of AUFC also gave evidence against him in court.

Boyle told the judge that the argument “ended when Adrian heard what was shouted at him and went over to the referee” and that he was “100 per cent certain” it happened.

Thorpe said: “Adrian is the only black player on the team and the person saying it was turning towards him.

“It was almost as if he was running away but had turned his head to direct the slur towards him.”

Michael Kindness has not yet spoken in court, but is expected to give evidence when the trial continues in March.