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Aberdeen students set up Pro-Choice Society in response to Life Ethics

They want to raise funds for local sexual health services

Three Aberdeen students have set up a pro-choice society in response to the University's Life Ethics Society.

Aberdeen University students Susan Stevenson, Leah Robb, and Sara Zanon set up the society, because they felt the recent debate over the Life Ethics Society showed "the lack of an alternative perspective for students".

Susan told The Aberdeen Tab the society has two main aims: To "raise awareness and support for reproductive healthcare rights" and raise funds for the local Grampian Sexual Health Services.

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Susan at the Pro-Choice Society's stall at the Refreshers Fayre.

The girls have not had any negative responses to the Pro-Choice Society, but reportedly a number of people did not know what pro-choice means and some mistook the society for the Life Ethics Society at the Refreshers Fayre.

Susan, Leah, and Sara have taken this misunderstanding as an indication of the "need for open discussion and education on reproductive issues".

As a new society, the Pro-Choice Society is "very open" to "organising events in association with other societies, such as the Debating Society".

Asked whether the society would be open to debate sessions with the Life Ethics Society, they said they wouldn't rule it out, but told The Aberdeen Tab: "We're currently focusing on our own society and the positive things we are hoping to achieve this year."

Founder and co-president of the Life Ethics Society, Alex Mason, told The Aberdeen Tab the Life Ethics Society would be up for a debate session with the Pro-Choice Society "as long as it's moderated by a neutral party".

Asked whether the Pro-Choice Society was created as a direct response to the Life Ethics Society, Alex said: "Of course it's a direct response to our existence. Must mean we're doing something right!".

The Pro-Choice Society's first social was held last Friday in the Bobbin.

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