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Aberdeen tells residents in Uni-owned homes to move out by February

The properties are being sold despite an appeal from the Council

Residents living at homes owned by Aberdeen University have been told that they must move out by February 2020.

The properties, which were previously owned by the Rowett Institute, are now going to be sold on despite an appeal made by residents to Aberdeen City Council.

This comes after the council taking over three months to come to a verdict on the fate of the houses, leaving residents in limbo.

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A university spokeswoman said: "Following discussions with Aberdeen City Council regarding the potential purchase of some, or all, of the properties on Walton Road and at Eastside Gardens, we have unfortunately been unable to reach an agreement on their sale.

"As a result, the university is now required to take forward the sale of the properties, as indicated in our previous correspondence to tenants."

Due to the February deadline, tenants will now have to look for new homes over the festive period.

An Aberdeen MSP who has been supporting those affected, Mark McDonald, has said: "Rowett Aberdeen University tenants need both the university and the council to act quickly to establish a support network.

"With Winter and Christmas fast approaching, the protracted delay in reaching this decision will leave tenants facing a festive period filled with stress and anxiety."

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