A comprehensive tour of Aberdeen’s beaut reopened Art Gallery

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Four years and £34 million after its close in 2015, the Aberdeen art gallery is open for business and welcoming well over a thousand visitors a day.

I've seen all nineteen exhibits twice in a matter of days. "But why do you like it so much?" I hear you cry. "It's just some stuffy paintings and a few funny shaped vases!"

Well, to this I say: you're wrong! I ventured up to Schoolhill once again this time armed with a camera, ready to take you on a journey of artistic discovery.

I hope ya don't mind having cold feet, because this is gonna blow your socks off.

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Bet you recognise this from everyone posting it on Instagram

As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with this neon beauty. "I felt you and I knew you loved me".

A pleasant contrast to the grey of Aberdeen, it's certainly eye catching.

After a read of the little info card this appears to be an open letter to a loved one. Although the piece kinda says that for itself, doesn't it?

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An absolute artistic masterpiece and a big metal tube

Is this a random pipe they found and whacked into an exhibit? Is it one of those bendy straws gone out of control?

I don't know, but it certainly makes a centrepiece.

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Girl Looking At A Painting (2019)

As you can see here, I'm looking at a painting. Now I don't know much about paintings, but apparently this one was pretty prominent in post impressionism.


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This suffragette propaganda is from over a hundred years ago, but it's still eerily present.

Have YOU registered to vote yet?

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A 13 year old did this

Next, I found a little gallery filled with art from the next Picassos and Michaelangelos (the Primary 6 and S2 pupils of Robert Gordon's College).

A sneak peek into the future of the art gallery.

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Beats going to the Aberdeen beach

Up next, a room based on the big wavy blue.

If you look closely, that pale white figure on the left isn't just a local who's stripped down and gone for a paddle. It's actually a being that has all the power to control what happens in the depths of the ocean. Duh!

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Surprise! None of these little ceramic slabs are actually painted-it's actually all varied strengths of different metals!

I'd recommend going along to see the full rainbow.

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Which is better? (Hint, pick the moon one)

Movin' on up a floor and it's your turn to make some art.

If you play your cards right you might even be able to nab one of the whopping great big screens and have an art-off.

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Almost 100% sure this is for kids but I can never say no to a snazzy hat

Play your cards even better and you might look as good as I do in this little red number.

Or like a nine year old boy from the 16th century, whatever floats your boat.

In this section you get to choose from hats, dishevelled wigs, even a rather small but elaborate ruff.

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My sleep paralysis is a lot more artistic now

Now that was a giggle, right? Having fun with some digital art and dressing up?

Not anymore it isn't.

This guy is in the same room as all the hat fun. You turn the corner, and he's watching you. Waiting on his next victim.

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The most important exhibit

Go up another floor, turn to your left and you'll find a photographic exhibit full of local events, parties and all-round good times.

There's even a 'spot your remote red postbox' section.

Can you see yours?

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Even better views than the 6th floor of Sir Duncan Rice

And finally – go through some risky-looking doors and you'll find the east and west terraces. The VIEWS.

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So, are you convinced? Once upon a time this building may have been outdated but in my humble opinion it's now… actually pretty cool?

If you're looking for something to do on a rainy day, that'll keep you entertained for more than two hours and is FREE, then this could have your name on it.

Happy art hunting!