Aberdeen named fifth most sustainable uni in the WORLD

Top five baybyyyyyyy

Aberdeen University is the fifth-best university in the world for sustainability, according to new rankings.

This marks a 180-place jump from 2017, when Aberdeen came in at a measly 185th.

The ranking were produced by Times Higher Education, and took into account "research, operations, sustainability reporting and recycling programmes"

More than 450 institutions from 76 countries participated in the inaugural edition and the university managed to come up on top, demonstrating how much the university cares about its societal impact and contribution to the environment.

The university encourages its students to donate damaged electrical products so that they can be recycled.

Aberdeen University follows Scotland's Zero Waste Plan, which aims to reduce Scotland's overall waste by 15 per cent by 2025 from where it was in 2011.

Aberdeen has also managed to reduce its water usage by more than 100,000 tonnes a year thanks to refitted plumbing system.

The uni has a five-year carbon management plan that it projects will reduce emissions by over 8,500 tonnes and save nearly $2.2 million by the end of 2021.

With the pressing need to tackle climate change through lifestyle changes Aberdeen is definitely setting an amazing example on how to go green.

Also, we beat Edinburgh. You love to see it.