AU Hockey tells members not to ‘overdo it’ for future socials

‘Don’t overdo it in a way that would make someone contact AUSA’

Aberdeen Hockey club has warned its members not to "overdo it" on future socials after the club were banned from a curry house for causing £7,000 worth of damage.

A message leaked to The Aberdeen Tab shows the Aberdeen Hockey Club are being being warned not to "be the one that ruins it for everyone else," or do anything which would "make someone contact AUSA."

On Monday, The Aberdeen Tab revealed the AU Hockey Club were banned from a curry house after causing £7,000 damage during their annual curry night socials.

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The post reads: "As you’ve probably all seen The Tab came out with an article last night reporting the events that have occurred at Rishis’s over the past six years.

"Obviously this reflects extremely badly on ourselves and now the Evening Express are going to run the same story."

"A few of us went to meet with AUSA last night and they told us that (obviously) we’re going to be under intense scrutiny whenever we are out, so ahead of family ties on Thursday I just wanted you to be aware of a few things: Anyone behaving in a way that could land the club in further trouble will be banned from coming to the Hockey Ball.

"Any damages caused will be paid by that individual/individuals involved and you'll be banned from future socials should we be allowed any.

"We’ve already had a few run-ins with AUSA this year and it's only November.

"Any further trouble and the likely outcome would be that we aren't allowed socials in the future, and potential club disbandment.

"Don’t be the one that ruins it for everyone else.

"That said, don’t think you aren’t allowed to enjoy yourself on Thursday because that’s not the case, just don’t overdo it in a way that would make someone contact AUSA."

This comes after it was previously revealed the AU Club were banned from holding their annual curry social in Rishi’s Indian Aroma after members exhibited "disgusting behaviour, damages up to £1,400 and general arseholery."

According to the restaurant manager the club’s history of "drunk and unruly" resulted in the restaurant paying an estimated £7,000 in damages over six years, “all out of pocket.”

The curryhouse eventually made to the decision not to accept any more damage from them after a “£60,000 renovation” of the curry house.

A spokesperson for the club said: "On behalf of the whole club we would like to apologise for all the damage and distress that our club may have caused to the owners and guests of Rishi's Indian Aroma.

"We are working closely with AUSA Sports Union taking all the necessary steps to investigate and make sure these actions do not take place in future and all members in question are dealt with accordingly."

A spokesperson for Aberdeen University said: "We acknowledge the steps that the AUHC Executive Committee and AUSA Sports Union are taking to address this issue, and welcome the Committee’s stance in relation to the standard of behaviour it expects from club members."