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Why does literally every Aberdeen Uni student do these 16 things?

Don’t try and pretend you haven’t

You may not spend as much time on campus as you used to, or maybe you never went to lectures in the first place (no register, no problem).

However, there are certain things every Aberdeen student who has ever set foot on campus can relate to, no matter how often you decide to turn u to class.

If you haven’t experienced these things yet, it’s only a matter of time.

1. Been viciously attacked by a seagull

Not just any seagull of course, the mosterous kind that seem to be native to campus and constantly partol in search of anything vaguely resembling food.

All it takes is for your stupid, hung-over mind to forget that seagulls exist and before you know it you’ve got one standing on your backpack pecking at your lunch over your shoulder and three more swooping down from seemingly nowhere.

All you can do is toss away your sandwich and watch as it gets devoured before it even hits the ground. No lunch for you.

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Don't be fooled, the gulls are always on full alert.

2. Similarly, done absolutely nothing to help another student under attack by said seagulls

You learnt your lesson the hard way. Depriving another student of that learning opportunity would almost be cruel.

Besides, are you really willing to battle off a flock of gulls with a 1.5m wingspan for someone else, when you can laugh at them from a safe distance instead? Of course not.

3. Collectively hated the Ministry of Peace, aka the MacRobert Building

No one likes MacRobert, ok.

It’s stupidly far away from the main body of the campus, the room numbers make no sense at all, the stairways are so narrow fighting your way up and down should be an Olympic sport, and it looks like this on a good day:

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4. Jumped 3 metres into the air out of fear the first you flushed the toilets in the Sir Duncan Rice library

All seems normal until you flush, and it sounds like Lucifer himself is barging out of the floor, ready to drag you down to Hell.

But no, you still have to go finish that essay, although at least now you're more awake than any amount of coffee could make you.

5. Blamed the holes in the SDR for a failed essay or exam study session

You either couldn't find a seat because the holes take up all of the floor space OR you successfully found one, only to realise you can't even hear yourself think from the noise coming all the way down from the café.

But the holes look really cool so it's kind of ok.

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At least they make good insta material.

6. Either loved or hated the Taylor library

Everyone reaches a point of desperation with the SDR and tries to sneak into Taylor.

You find out that it's actually great for really intense studying, and go there to finish that essay that's due in four hours.

But… it's also full of super depressed law students, who will sneer at you when you pull your chair out to sit down because you're being "too noisy".

7. Gone months, maybe even years, without realising the Zoology Building has an actual elephant

Yes, it's a pain to walk all the way over to Zoology, but the first thing you see when you walk through the door is the skeleton of an Indian Elephant. Not to mention the crocodile and Blue Whale that you'll see if you turn around!

Clearly, Zoology has its priorities straight.

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Who knew elephants have a mohawk on their back?

Never have I been more thankful for not being an aquatic animal.

8. Slid down the hills in Seaton Park in first year

Everyone hated the hills in Seaton, your hangover always mysteriously kicked in right when you were fighting your way up.

But come winter, the walk to uni would be much worse. You slipped and slid all the way down the hill. If you were lucky you were already on your way down, rather than nearly having reached the top, only to suddenly find yourself lying at the bottom with a new addition of bruises to your knees.

9. Forgotten about the existence of the Old Brewery

Arguably the least important building on campus, the Old Brewery is easily forgettable.

Does anyone actually know what goes on inside of it? Does it have tutorial rooms or lecture halls?

Where even is it? No one knows.

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Always in the shadows of Taylor and New Kings.

10. Played with Buttons the cat

You may have left your actual pet behind at home, but at least Buttons will always be there to either cuddle or scratch you, depending on his mood.

11. Braved Blackwell's during freshers week one time too many

If you're at all smart, you realised that you can just buy your course books on the internet second hand. That way you'll never have to stand in line for 45 min again to buy an overpriced book you'll look at twice.

12. Gone to the Bobbin for a pint between lectures only to end up in Underground

You convinced yourself you'd only go for a single pint and you'd "definitely go to the next lecture", but deep down you knew it was a lie.

You really just wanted to start preing at 3pm.

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13. Stumbled over the loose cobbles on the High Street

If you're lucky you only did that weird half-stumble, where you catch yourself before hitting the ground, without anyone seeing you.

On the other hand, you might have slammed down onto the street just when everyone is coming out of lectures. No one escapes the wrath of the cobbles.

14. Got stuck in Douglas Lane

You cannot let the big wave of people migrating from the SDR walk past the big bins first! Push your way through, or you'll be stuck for days!

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15. Chosen Elphinstone Lawn over the SDR whenever the weather let you

There are plenty of problems with studying in the SDR, all of which are completely eradicated by studying outside.

As soon as the sun comes out in Spring, so do we… with our essays in tow!

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Ok, maybe we don't really get that much work done outside after all…

16. Finally, once you've scraped through your degree, stepped on the grass by King's College

We all know that stepping on the grass means academic failure, so the obvious thing to do once you've graduated is jump right on to it!

Its superstition can't hurt you anymore … unless maybe you do a masters?