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AU Hockey banned from curry house for allegedly causing £1,400 worth of damage

The restaurant had to be repainted

Aberdeen University Hockey Club were banned from Rishi's Indian Aroma after causing "up to £1,400 worth of damage", The Aberdeen Tab can reveal.

According to an Facebook group post made by the club social sec, the club has been forced to hold their annual curry social in another restaurant after members exhibited "disgusting behaviour, damages up to £1,400 and general arseholery."

The manager of the restaurant told The Aberdeen Tab "drunk and unruly" players "broke light fixtures and damaged some of the bathroom," and claims the club has caused over £7,000 in damages in the six years they've been holding the social there.

The post reads: "AUHC's socials would like to cordially invite you to the first social of the year: Curry Night. Widely regarded as the the most underrated social of the year, it's fair to say bad things happen when the men and the women's clubs join forces for curry night (for context, picture a Labour/SNP coalition: Carnage).

"With this being the case, I am devastated to announce that after a six-year relationship with Rishi's Indian Aroma, we have decided to part ways.

"Rishi's cited 'disgusting behaviour, damages of up to £1,400 and general arseholery' as reasons for the split. However, after a short rebound period scouting Tinder, we have found a new, better-looking establishment: Light of Bengal."

The full post is below:

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The manager told The Aberdeen Tab: "We’ve been hosting their social for a while now. I think six years.

"Every time they came we booked the place out for them with no other customers so along with the damages we were making a loss."

He said members of the club "always got drunk" and then physically fought one another.

"They broke lights, light fixtures and damaged some of the bathroom. They threw food at the walls too so they had to be repainted," he said.

The manager also told The Aberdeen Tab members have caused an estimated £7,000 in damages, and that the restaurant "had to pay it all out of pocket."

He added: "We had a £60,000 renovation this year and asked them not to come back. We didn’t want any more damage from them.

"It is unacceptable behaviour and a very bad representation of the University."

A spokesperson for the club said: "On behalf of the whole club we would like to apologise for all the damage and distress that our club may have caused to the owners and guests of Rishi's Indian Aroma.

"We want to assure that we don't condone that type of behaviour.

"We are working closely with AUSA Sports Union taking all the necessary steps to investigate and make sure these actions do not take place in future and all members in question are dealt with accordingly."

AUSA and Aberdeen University have been contacted for comment.