Clubbers of the week: The ultimate Halloween edition

Fright night in the ‘Deen

This year's clubbers went all out for Halloween. No amount of torrential rain or howling wind was going to stop Aberdeen students from doing dressing up right.

We rounded up the best of the best (and the best of the worst) so have a look and see if you and your pals made the cut.

Best crowds

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Image may contain: Photography, Photo, Portrait, Night Life, Accessories, Accessory, Sunglasses, Parade, Audience, Club, People, Apparel, Clothing, Helmet, Smile, Crowd, Face, Party, Person, Human

Definitely on shore leave.

Hottest zombie couple

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Undead but make it fashion

Best demonic couple

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That face you make when you leave for the club and you're only half-ready (blue)

Best retro couple

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We all wish our club photos were this suave

Cutest costumes

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Classic tale of when the unicorn met the hippy

Best last-minute costume

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Definitely got that hat from the souvenir shop on Union Street

Best girl group

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On Thursdays, we wear black

Best guy group

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The teletubbies have really changed since their '90s heyday

Best group photos

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Spot Captain America

Image may contain: Text, Pants, Crowd, Skin, People, Female, Face, Hat, Accessory, Accessories, Sunglasses, Helmet, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing, Costume

Super Mario coordinated outfits: that's friendship goals right there

Image may contain: Party, Girl, Pants, Woman, Crowd, People, Face, Female, Clothing, Apparel, Costume, Human, Person

Is it even a Halloween night out if there's not a guy dressed as a giant banana?

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There's such a mix of themes here that you almost miss Princess Fiona in the back

Best film character

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Although the original Mask was not this cute

Best animal costume

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Me, out in Atik on a weekday vs Me the next morning in my 9am tutorial

Best nightmare-fuel

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Is the thing on the back supposed to be the Horcrux Voldemort…and why is he choking a rabid monkey? Whatever it is, it's the well-deserved winner of scariest costume.

Most ambiguous costume

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Is it a bird, is it a plane…is it a submarine, is it a shark, is it a rocket? idk .

Photos creds to Joe Morton Studios, Ruskin Fox, Connor Brown