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It’s official: Aberdeen is the least fun university in the UK​ to go to

Sad reacts only x

The University of Aberdeen has been named the least fun university to go to, according to The Daily Mail.

Aberdeen ranked a low 106 points based on the research conducted by the Alternative University League Table via TickX, one of the leading platforms for entertainment tickets.

The table was decided by taking into account a University’s sustainability, Deliveroo options, nights out and the average price of a pint. Research showed each uni was given a total point score after evaluation, with Aberdeen’s being the lowest. Leicester, on the other hand, received the top score of 307 points.

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Aberdeen received a 22.8 per cent sustainability score – 2.4 per cent higher than the University of Glasgow. However, Edinburgh Napier University had a whopping 57.7 per cent sustainability scoring.

According to the table, Aberdeen students pay a £4.16 average price per pint, and there are three pubs per square mile. By comparison the average price of a pint at Lancaster Uni is £2.80.

To top off our expensive pints, TickX’s data also found an average Student Event price in Aberdeen to be £11.87, making us one of the UK’s most expensive eventful nights out.

Neighbouring universities such as Dundee did fall behind us in other areas. The average price of halls rent per month there is £523, versus Aberdeen’s £387 and Edinburgh’s £386.

The "Alternative Uni Guide" left out stuff like eating out, things to do, and lecture feedback.

Deliveroo options and event prices don't always include the majority of students, but the study does point out our sustainability level is low in comparison to others.

It's debatable whether this effects how fun our uni really is – maybe it's something to do with our hour-long club queues or possibly just the dive bombing seagulls- who knows?