Where to find the best healthy food in Aberdeen

Pass the avocado

There’s a new wave of healthy restaurants catering to those of us who want to eat better but still indulge in a good (and tasty) meal.

Whether you’re new to the Granite City or just looking for places in Aberdeen to eat without breaking your diet, there’s plenty of restaurants and cafes serving up nutritious food ranging from veggie diet friendly to eco-friendly place.


Our first option is Avo. Nestled on the ground floor of Aberdeen market this place offers an interesting twist to meals with an eclectic backdrop to go with it.

Their simple concept is dishes with avocado inspired themes like the Piggory Smokery which – excuse the pun – looks avocado this world.

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We're loving the aesthetics

Bonobo Café

Our next stop is Bonobo Café. Opened two and a half years ago, this café was Aberdeen’s first 100% vegan cafe and provides a bit of everything.

As well as having ethical, environmentally friendly and vegan food and drinks, they provide classes that encourage a healthier lifestyle overall. These range from yoga and meditation classes to cooking workshops on how to incorporate vegan ingredients into your diet.

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This restaurant is well known amongst students and locals to Aberdeen and has 2 locations; one on campus and another on Thistle street so there’s no excuse to not have tried this place.

They serve mainly plant based foods that focuses on a veggie diet that is also eco-friendly and homemade. It is definitely a fan favourite and I don't think I need to say anymore to encourage you to pay them a visit.

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Foodstory? Foodstory

Grub Fresh Food

Like Foodstory this food location has a branch in the city centre and close to campus on Spital. To sum it up, it is alternative healthy food at an affordable price.

It offers paninis, wraps and salads with very quirky names and even quirkier fillings. A fan favourite is the 'Scooby Snack' that consists of chicken, peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce & mozzarella, which sounds like an interesting combination but well worth a try.

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Also makes for a good insta background


This a bit more upscale than just a quick lunch snack but definitely worth a visit.

With locally sourced ingredients, and a lot of ingredients grown in house, this restaurant provides a tapas-style Japanese food experience catering to both vegan and meat eaters. Portions are quite filling so its recommended to get various small dishes to share.

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Selera Malaysia Bistro

The restaurant does an amazing job of bringing a taste of Malaysia to the Granite City. Located on Correction Wynd, the menu is very varied consisting of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

All the meat dishes are also halal so the food is extremely inclusive. With student discount on both food and drink this place is an authentic, aromatic and an all-round people pleaser.

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Get in my belly

Bio Café

Saving arguably the best for last. Bio Café is a fairly new eatery to Aberdeen. Having only been open for just 6 months, they provide a totally new take on healthy eating.

They are the first food place whose menu is completely refined-sugar-free, allowing you to indulge on sweet snacks such as their homemade snicker bars guilt-free. They also provide dishes that cater to specific diets like the Keto diet and did we mention everything is homemade.

Their platters are not only aesthetically pleasing but very tasty and their savoury waffles certainly go down a treat!

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As you can see there's plenty of healthy options to suit whatever mood you're in, Aberdeen's got you covered.