Aberdeen prof asks for cat pics from students to prove they’d read course guide

He tweeted his favourites

A politics and international relations professor at Aberdeen Uni asked students to send him cute cat pics in the middle of the course guide to prove they’d read it.

Dr Malcolm Harvey has done this for a few years now, and warned students not to tell others on the course about the instruction.

The message reads: “When you have read as far as this in the course guide, please email the course co-ordinator with a picture of a cat. Do not share that you have done so with anyone else on the course.”


If students failed to do this, they risked getting cat photos as replies to questions: “If you have not done so, and email to ask a question, and the answer to that question can be found in this course guide, you will receive a response that is solely a picture of a cat.”

On Friday, Dr Harvey updated his Twitter fans to say 11 of his 34 students had already spotted the trick sent him photos. He also included his favourite of the selection:


Tweeting a picture of a cat in a box, he said: “11/38 of the class have now read the course guide. This is the best cat picture I’ve received yet.”

Asked by one of his followers if the picture got them any extra marks, he responded: “Earned them the chance to be the class rep (mainly since they were the only one who volunteered for the role…!)”

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