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Aberdeen University ranks second in the UK for Sports Science

We’re also in the top ten for Law, Engineering, and Education

The University of Aberdeen is the second best university to study Sports Science, beaten only by Glasgow, according to the Complete University Guide.

The rankings are based on 10 categories, including student satisfaction, staff-to-student ratio, graduate prospects and research quality. Aberdeen came 29th overall, and fourth in Scotland.

Last year, the University rose a record of 12 places in the rankings, going from 40th to 28th place.

This year, although we've dropped from 28th to 29th in the overall, we've still managed to hold our place as fourth best in Scotland.

The University is currently ninth best in the UK for Law, dropping four places from last year, and have remained in 12th place for Medicine.

However, Aberdeen have risen in subjects such as Dentistry and Education, with the latter bringing the University up seven places in the league table.

We placed in the top 10 for eight subjects, including:

Accounting and Finance: 10th

Civil Engineering: Ninth

Dentistry: Ninth

Education: Eighth

Engineering: Seventh

Law: Ninth

Linguistics: Third

Sports Science: Second

See the full table here.