Fiat 500 girls rejoice: You can now buy Pornstar Martini cupcakes in Aberdeen

Hold my Pornstar Martini

Award winning Laurencekirk-based bakery Cakes by Alli Baba has launched a Pornstar Martini cupcake. Fiat 500 girls everywhere, this is our time.

The cupcake comes complete with shimmery gold icing a little shot of Prosecco. Move over supermarket cakes, I know what I’m getting for my next mate’s birthday bash.[0]=68.ARCdHSOUIJno4GA0G48t7pjf3K-_kW3vF6IskMrOQ_5KhL-CFOvfWGM06o5gQfn7fOrCSlPKMNf0KeMUVBP9Sjpc7QvhDI09NaV_TML_Ag0N_1s7y75X28xVirAxitSZy2ECkB4CARz8xT2ThDG_3VsxDOT6ctqBRof1m1hOqw0spHMTevW6jyZVj3-_kwjDlaNDokJqJmPqtzQ3ZnknumKmITpxF2FQP1UtW9YOkW0nCWNUyUxb6q85ZsX6gLHE2sgqlSk8FRo-J-oRr_xBZ5tl3JcQh_LxlS_Kpj9YMAyZDabVcy9ilbfQJTZbpkWM_1EKVbVjNhkBO3gutY4MXsvVOX1IyxKZpylFvmlv-xwSV0FY4NAcjLxziXtNDctarcobXuJ0ciieJtxKYLdlDHw7lkCkHyz4x_4acGZ2qMrjC6k&__tn__=-R

Allison Stewart, owner of the bakery told the Aberdeen Tab: “Science is my background, and I love experimenting with flavours and concepts.

“I’ve been doing ‘cakeology’ for years, first person up here to use Brewdog in cakes too, did a Prosecco cake over five years ago and M&S just started doing one about two years ago. I try to lead, not copy, and that’s helped with winning the Best Baked Goods for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire again this year. I defend the Scottish title next month!

“However, I look at what’s trendy and I love a Pornstar Martini, my cakes have been described as ‘orgasmic’ and ‘foodporn’, so why not have your cake and eat it?”

If you’re having cocktail withdrawl symptoms over deadline and exam period then head to Cakes by Alli Baba and pick up one of these classy cupcakes.

All the fun and no hangover!