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RGU student appeals after laptop containing dissertation is stolen from Sir Duncan Rice library

His deadline is just days away

Mark Johnston was working on his dissertation in the Sir Duncan Rice Library last Friday, 29th March, when the laptop was taken.

The mechanical engineering student from RGU had stepped outside for air between 3.40pm and 4.40pm and returned to the 5th floor to find his Macbook missing.

Library staff checked the buildings CCTV for anything suspicious but to no avail.

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Johnston was able to activate the Find My Mac function and the laptop was traced to Union Square Shopping Centre.

He told the Aberdeen Tab: "On Saturday the 30th at 12:13pm I got an email that the Mac had been on line in union square. The Mac was only online for 1 minute so I am guessing that the thief opened it and it had played the sound set to play when it is registered lost and closed again. I am assuming it was used in the union square Starbucks as that is the only wifi in union square I know for sure that I have used before so the mac would be able to automatically connect there.”

The student's 10,000 word dissertation is due on 9th April but claims that he has been given a mere one day extension and that, "because the RGU policy is that computer/laptop issues do not constitute an extension to deadlines."

Mark also said "I do have a back up of my dissertation file but it is an old back so I did lose a considerable amount of work along with all of the internet tabs to webpages and scientific journals I had been using for information and referencing."

Both police and Aberdeen University have advised students not to leave items unattended.

Mark has asked for anyone with information on the apparent theft to contact him at [email protected]