Aberdeen is getting its own Monopoly board in October 2019

For once us students will have more than £8.27 to our names

Winning Moves UK has just announced that an Aberdeen Monopoly game will be in shops in October.

Aberdeen previously had its own board way back in 2006 but it was discontinued. A few landmarks that have been let slip for the new board are Marischal College, Union Terrace and the airport.

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Marischal College

The Granity City has been picked above other big Scottish cities like to get its own monopoly board. The company’s custom games executive Jennifer Lau told the BBC: “We studied 20 cities and towns across the whole of Scotland and shortlisted it to three – Glasgow, Inverness and Aberdeen.

“Because this version – unlike the first one for Aberdeen, a generation ago – will see the tokens all customised and as (to be) voted by the public, we wanted to make sure the Scottish city the new Monopoly game is being based on has lots of great and distinct Aberdeen links to choose from like an oil rig, a haddock and something depicting granite.”

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The Granite City

The public will get the chance to vote for iconic Aberdonian symbols to replace the game’s traditional tokens like the scottie dog and top-hat. Lord Provost Barney Crockett told the BBC: “Most people, young and older have enjoyed playing Monopoly – and I hope Aberdonians everywhere will take the opportunity to select Aberdeen-themed tokens for the latest version of this game.”

Ideas for the tokens already include a fish box, oil rig and, of course, a seagull. Reckon we could get them to do a VK?