Why you should definitely check out the next Vintage Kilo Sale

How to stay ballin’ on a budget

We've all seen the Vintage Kilo Sale Events on Facebook, but are they actually worth going to or will you come out smelling of mothballs, looking like Macklemore?

As someone who loves a bargain, I went along to the most recent Vintage Kilo Sale, in the hope of finding something I could throw on to wear to the library. What I didn't expect was to find a literal ball gown.

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wouldn't be a vintage sale without some patterned jumpers

For the uninitiated, a Kilo Sale is where you pay for clothing by weight, rather than by individually priced items. This sale's rate was £15 per Kilo of clothing. There was no minimum or maximum spend, so you could leave with as much or as little as you liked.

The Sale was held at the Aberdeen Arts Centre and charged £3 for Earlybird entry. I was prepared for it to be a bit chaotic – like Primark at Christmas – but it was extremely well-organised. Clothes were arranged neatly in rails by item and were spread throughout a number of rooms, ensuring a flow of people. The variety of clothing on offer was also insane; where else could you pick up Levi jeans and vintage Adidas for less than £5?

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happy with their hauls – making a day of it with your pals is so much fun

It wasn't long before I spotted something shiny between the rails. I left with two blue dresses- a ball gown and a silk dress, both in perfect condition. Altogether I paid £16 for my purchases and I've never felt fancier!

Dress 1 – £7

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*insert caption about awkward posing*

The colour of this dress is what initially grabbed my attention. It's the brightest, yet deepest shade of blue, with sequins that give it a real vintage feel. The silk lining also adds a luxurious edge.

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60s vibes

I dressed it down with tights and knee-high boots, but I would definitely wear this to a special occasion. Despite its fast-fashion price tag, it's a piece I'll have for years to come.

Dress 2 – £9

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ASOS? I don't know her.

This dress was an absolute steal, and made me completely re-think Vintage Sales: I was expecting cardigans and faded denim, not literal ball gowns. It's lined, fits like a glove and I feel like a million bucks in it, when in reality, I paid £9! As someone who doesn't have a lot of spare cash to spend on ball outfits, this dress was an absolute life-saver.

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feelin' like a mermaid and I'm not mad about it

Fast fashion has dominated the clothing market in recent times. However, many young people are becoming conscious of its impact – on the environment and their wallets- and are looking for new ways to get unique, affordable clothing.

Like a lot of people, I'd always assumed Vintage Sales were a great place to pick up everyday items but that I'd inevitably need to splash out on outfits for events. However, I ended up with my ball outfit sorted for under £10, and a dress I'll definitely be saving for a 21st. If you're after quality, unique clothing on a budget, a Kilo Sale is definitely worth checking out.