Who needs a first when you’ve made it onto Clubbers of the Week?

VKs, Vanity and very poor life choices…

After sifting through endless photos of rugby boys wearing shirts and ties and girls with questionable makeup necking Blue VKs, here are the highlights from another week of club photos. If you spot yourself in here, congrats on making it into The Aberdeen Tab, and good luck getting a first with a raging hangover!

Bravest squad of the week

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When you have to pay nine grand for your degree so you have to go to Pro.

Most mysterious clubber

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You have to wonder how badly she fucked up to get censored by the photographer.

The before and after effects of tequila

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Blissfully unaware of the pain about to come…

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Should've chased it with a Hooch mate.

Most dedicated Crashers

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Always awkward when Aberdeen's biggest virgin turns up colour co-ordinated with your hair.

Most rehearsed pose of the week

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Chances of this squad being the RGU Glee club are basically 100.

Tastiest clubbers of the week

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When he said he wanted a club sandwich this wasn't what he meant.

Funniest clubber of the week

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Pro being the only club that can hook you up with a bottle but only one chair.

Most zen clubbers of the week

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You can tell that this lad is a Tunnels regular.

Boldest fashion choice of the week

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This lad is proof that confidence can make any hairstyle work.

Aberdeen's hardest clubber

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Not gonna roast this boy too much just in case he breaks my legs…

Photo credits:

Underground, Carwash and Rare Thursdays: PIRATE PHOTOGRAPHY



Exodus: SRuhkala Photography